Assac Networks Launches ShieldiT FinTech Secured Messaging

Compliant, Secure, and Traceable Cybersecurity Solution for Financial Communications 

Tel-Aviv, December 13, 2023 – Assac Networks, a leader in holistic mobile cybersecurity, presents its FinTech Secured Messaging, an innovative cybersecurity solution tailored exclusively for financial trade companies.

Originally designed to meet the stringent security needs of the defense industry, ShieldiT has evolved into a comprehensive platform, now compliant with US SEC regulations for traceable financial communications. ShieldiT, successfully implemented at hundreds of customers worldwide, provides robust anti-phishing protection against both hacking and tapping attacks targeting mobile devices.

“Financial institutions confront a dual challenge: brokers need to operate within dedicated encrypted systems while simultaneously preventing mobile cyber threats,” says Shimon Zigdon, CEO of Assac Networks. “Our new ShieldiT Broker Secured Messaging app, fortified with advanced security measures, precisely addresses these concerns.”

ShieldiT serves as the ultimate protection, mitigating both anti-hacking (monitoring conversations by a third party) and anti-tapping (Targeted Attack Protection), safeguarding against ransomware and advanced threats. Assac Networks’ ShieldiT offers complete protection for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) smartphones, filling the existing gap in available solutions.

Early 2024, Assac Networks initiates trials with prominent US Financial trade companies, with leading candidates already applying for trials, understanding the urgency of securing a traceable solution that meets all relevant regulations.

About ShieldiT

Assac Networks’ flagship product, ShieldiT, is the only solution with unified, managed anti-hacking and anti-tapping capabilities for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) smartphones, which are the most vulnerable point in an organization’s IT network today. The system has already been deployed by governmental authorities around the world and has been proven to prevent cyberattacks.

ShieldiT comprises three elements: threat management – robust and AI-powered, with a user-friendly dashboard; anti-hacking – detection and prevention of cyberattacks, data theft and malware; and anti-tapping – point-to-point, military-grade voice and text message encryption and eavesdropping prevention. The unified ManageiT management dashboard centrally controls all ShieldiT features. The synergy of ManageiT and ShieldiT enables corporations to control and conduct incident response from the management console. 

About Assac Networks

Established in 2011 by seasoned veterans of the Israeli defense and security industries, Assac Networks develops and implements unique end-point security solutions.

The company develops, integrates, and markets network-forensic and security products and solutions in the fields of mobile and landline communication – as well as cyber protection systems for ISPs, mobile carriers, governmental agencies, and commercial organizations. Among its clients are law enforcement and intelligence agencies and large enterprises around the world.

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