ShieldiT for Defense and Government Organization

ShieldiT provides defense and government organizations with the highest level of mobile communication security and protection against hacking

Defense agencies and governmental organizations have special requirements in terms of information and communication security and data encryption.

ASPIS has decades of experience in providing products and solutions to meet these special security requirements, and the Company has successfully completed numerous projects for governmental and security organizations throughout the world.

ASPIS smartphone security and mobile communication encryption solutions are tailor-made to meet the strictest security requirements of any government agency, and the ShieldiT packages for this sector are highly flexible and can accommodate a large variety of operational needs.

Anti-tapping and anti-hacking protection in a single app and system solution

ShieldiT, the anti-tapping, anti-hacking solution provided by ASPIS is designed to detect and prevent any penetration attempt of the government organization’s IT network through an end-user mobile device. The ShieldiT app and system solution has been thoroughly tested and has proved to be highly effective in detecting and preventing attack attempts carried out by leading cyber-attack companies.

Implement the most comprehensive mobile and smartphone security solution today!

After contacting us, we will provide you with the case study which demonstrates the effectiveness of the ShieldiT solution in preventing attacks coming from authentic GSM carriers and its proven ability to detect and sustain them on both iOS and Android phones.