ShieldiT for Mobile Operators

Added value for mobile operators by extending their service to smartphone cybersecurity

According to Gartner, 80% of tasks by organizations’ employees are performed using mobile devices.

In a typical organization today, 60% of the endpoints containing or accessing enterprise data are mobile devices which lack essential cyber security protection.

Smartphone cyberattacks are on the rise, especially with the massive increase in the number of employees working from remote locations due to the Coronavirus crisis. This increased threat poses an ever-growing challenge to organizations worldwide, and with inadequate anti-tapping and anti-hacking protection for BYOD smartphones, IT networks and sensitive data are jeopardized. It’s obvious therefore that mobile users and corporations need a solution which will provide comprehensive protection – anti-tapping, anti-hacking and highly secured chat, in one system, for all communcation networks.

ASPIS ShieldiT, a proven mobile security application and system solution, provides smartphone users and organizations with a unified, 360 degree protection against both hacking and tapping. This proven solution, used by governmental and commercial organizations worldwide, can increase ARPU and reduce churn. (increase customer retention? R.A

Show your mobile customers that data security is your number one concern

The increased use of open apps for consumer messaging and VoIP apps within organizations has amplified the cyber risks to business communications. ASPIS easily-integrated all-in-one BYOD smartphone protection, represents tremendous value to your business customers that will strengthen relationships and create goodwill towards the service provider. Furthermore, the media buzz around the need for ironclad encryption will inevitably lead to greater demand for proven encryption solutions. By providing a solution to the ever-increasing demand, your carriers can improve their competitive advantage and keep them ahead of the pack.

ShieldiT enables you to grow your market and maximize brand awareness

The ShieldiT application can operate among disparate networks, extending the traditional reach of carriers beyond their own networks. Furthermore, it is a highly robust yet easy-to-use which provides protection not only for mobile devices but also for fixed desk phones, secure conferencing and document sharing. This scalability enables mobile service operators to greatly expand their customer base. ShieldiT can also be completely white labelled according to your brand, enabling you to show your customers that their security is your number one concern.

Solution integration model

The ASPIS solution can be deployed:

  • On the operator’s cloud with multi-tenant management.
  • On each customer’s cloud with the proprietary management console, for a fixed price or revenue share (following POC), for a minimum subscription period of one year.

ASPIS ManageiT enables you to embark on an AI Era & management proficiency

When both CISO and management use a single platform, AI correlations and management efficiency flourishes. With ASPIS MangeiT, an intuitive, easy-to-use management dashboard  that centrally controls all ShieldiT features, mobile operators can offer their customers essential features and added-value services, such as:

  • Control and monitor the security of employees’s smartphones
  • Manage their internal user groups
  • Monitor and map cyberattacks
  • Control access to the premium “international calls” feature
  • Impose mitigation scales and measures
  • Manage encryption keys
  • Create voice and conference groups