ShieldiT for Enterprises

Protect your organization from hackers’ accessing your IT network and essential data

  • 75% of smartphones used by commercial organizations employees are Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD).
  • These devices provide access to the organizations’ IT networks.
  • Protecting these smartphones from the risk of both hacking and tapping is mandatory in order to protect the organizations’ data.
  • This is especially important in order to comply with the strict privacy protection laws which mandate companies to safeguard their customers’ private information.

Does YOUR ENTERPRISE prevent data exposure via the most vulnerable communication tool – your employees’ smartphones

The time to act is NOW! Don’t wait for a data breach event to occur. It will be too late then!

With the widespread and accelerating use of unsanctioned consumer messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) apps within organizations, the risks to business communications have never been greater. Confidential discussions by voice and text are increasingly vulnerable to eavesdropping and are being stored on networks and servers that are completely outside of organizations’ supervision and control. To make things worse, hacking of a single employee’s smartphone is all it takes for an hacker to gain unauthorized access to the organization’s IT networks and servers which carry sensitive data.

Are you aware that encryption is simply not enough?

Any Bring-Your-Own-Device without a strong anti-hacking layer can be accessed and remotely infected with different types of malware. Any innocent-looking app installed on and employee’s smartphone can carry such malware which enables hackers to secretly activate the phone’s camera, turn on the device’s microphone, capture print-screens, get access to emails, and many more insidious activities which pose great danger to the organization.

Cybercrime, unfortunately, never ceases. Cybercriminals can get access to your private voice conversations and messages even before these means of communications are being encrypted. Thus, locking your enterprise’s front door without securing the backdoor leaves you completely vulnerable. Only a multi-layer combination of strong encryption and autonomous anti-hacking solution genuinely provides the needed protection which unlocks the power of ironclad secure communication. Anti-hacking protection on top of encryption is therefore absolutely mandatory.

Why does your enterprise need ShieldiT?

In a typical organization today, 60% of the endpoints containing or accessing enterprise data are mobile, without any security protection.

ShieldiT covers everything you need to secure BYOD within the enterprise, with full anti-hacking and anti-tapping endpoint protection. ShieldiT is your secure mobile communication platform that allows executives and employees alike to use their smartphones’ features safely, fully protected from the risk of eavesdropping or exposure of the organization’s IT network to cyber attacks. ShieldiT detects real time threats and prevents any compromised device from gaining access to the corporate network.

How does ShieldiT fit into your enterprise’s existing infrastructure?

The advantage of the solution is that it smoothly integrates into enterprise’s existing or desired IT infrastructure. Combining military grade security with the ease of use of a consumer app, ShieldiT requires no user training or configuration, ensuring fast and easy deployment, user acceptance and adoption across the enterprise.

The solution can be hosted on ASPIS cloud, private virtual cloud or even on premises. It integrates with two major networks junctions in any enterprise (Cloud or physical):

  • IT network (migration of syslog to SIEM, integration with MDM, can contribute to incident response scheme, extend the end point threat reflection to a SOC to contain Smartphone threats
  • PABX voice networks with the easy integration of the gateway to the existing voice switch of the organization and take advantage of numbering plan, special number for secure incoming calls, use of desktop phone.

ShieldiT is available in two pricing models to suit your needs:

The Multi–tenant business package:

  • The price of the package is based on the number of ShieldiT and ManageiT licenses.
  • The ShieldiT package can include International Calls to non-secure numbers via the ShieldiT Dialer as an option.
  • The Multi-tenant package can be purchased for a 12 months or 36 months period as a minimum.

The Autonomous cloud package:

  • This package is similar to the Multi-tenant business package, with two additional components:
  • A license for a cloud installation.
  • Integration of the international calls gateway to a local PABX.

A necessary tool for every CISO: Central Management Dashboard

  • ShieldiT comes with with a central management dashboard – ManageiT. The unified central management console ManageiT equips organizations’ CISOs with necessary tool to control and monitor smartphones’ security being used by the organization’s employees and managers
  • ManageiT ensures that organizational clients can independently create and control their internal user groups, monitor and map attacks, export Syslog to SIEM, control communication gateway, impose mitigations scales and measures, manage encryption keys, create voice and conference groups, etc.
  • The synergy of ManageiT and ShieldiT enables organizations to merit from strong advantages of ShieldiT to protect the end-point from cyber-attacks of hacking or tapping, and on the other hand, to collect all necessary information needed to control and perform incident response from the management console