The revolutionary app that thoroughly protects
BYOD smartphones from both hacking and tapping.


Unsurpassed smartphone security to
protect smartphones from both tapping and hacking with a single app.

Cyber-criminals are getting smarter. And with the rise in BYODs on company networks and the popularity of multi-point, multi-device voice and messaging apps, vulnerability to hacking and tapping has never been greater.

These popular advancements can provide hackers and tappers with multiple ways to eavesdrop on voice calls and chat apps, and even gain access to an enterprise’s IT network—where they can install malware, steal data and launch crippling ransomware attacks.

Anti-hacking: secure devices against theft and breach
Anti-tapping: Protect against voice and chat call eavesdropping

ShieldiT is ASPIS holistic approach to these ever-evolving threats. It’s a comprehensive anti-hacking and anti-tapping solution that enables seamless yet highly-secure communication both inside and outside your organization.

Anti-tapping Assurance

Achieve military-grade anti-tapping with ShieldiT’s voice dialer.

ShieldiT’s secure dialer provides protection against tapping for both Android and iOS BYOD smartphones. This enterprise-level secure communication app provides a managed, robust and scalable platform to ensure secure voice communication throughout an organization.

ASPIS Dialer

ShieldiT ensures hack-free, tap-free voice communication, regardless of which devices are used or the number of callers participating in the conversation. This equals secured point-to-any-point calls – even to people using unencrypted mobile or landline devices.

ShieldiT’s secure dialer leverages the most advanced security standard – using a Diffie Hellman 2048 bit public key agreement and exchanging a symmetric AES 256 bit key in each call.

With easy setup, intuitive usability and seamless operation, the ShieldiT dialer is used for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint calls, ensuring ironclad network access security.

Anti-hacking Defence

Stop hackers in their tracks.

ShieldiT’s industry-leading threat detection and prevention app runs in the background to prevent hacking of BYOD smartphones, data theft and even breaching of your organization’s IT network.

When a threat to a smartphone is detected, ShieldiT alerts both the user and the organization’s CISO via the ManageiT unified dashboard.

Multiple Attack Vector Protection

Developed specifically for mobile devices, ShieldiT defends against both network and host cyber-attacks, protecting enterprises from breaches in BYOD environments with advanced threat detection against typical attack vectors, including:

Malicious apps (“time bombs”, self-modifying apps)

Spear phishing attacks (malicious URLs, PDF files, etc.)
Network traffic redirection attacks (“man-in-the-middle” attacks)
SSL stripping techniques
Rogue WiFi access points
Rogue base station/femtocell attacks

Anti-hacking Defence

ShieldiT – provides military-grade encryption to prevent man-in-the-middle interception of point-to-point chat and file attachments.

With ShieldiT, you can send classified or sensitive data as attachment in chat conversations without worrying that they’ll end up in the wrong hands.
All chat conversations and attachments are secured with military-grade encryption to prevent “man-in-the-middle” interception of point-to-point chat and file attachments.
ShieldiT’s chat is encrypted end-to-end without server intervention. The chat is fully managed by the ManageiT unified platform.
ShieldiT’s chat is encrypted end-to-end without server intervention. The chat is fully managed by the ManageiT unified platform.

ShieldiT is a comprehensive anti-hacking and anti-tapping solution that includes:

CryptoSwitch Client/Server: to support VoIP calls, non-encrypted incoming and outgoing calls, connection of external networks encryption termination.and analog line.

CryptoChat Client/Server: to support text messaging and data attachments.

CryptoShield Client/Server: to support threat and policy management, VPN and External Interfaces (SIEM).




Secure your entire voice communications



The IPS that protects your smartphone from host and network threats



Point to point secured messaging and attachments

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