Assac Networks Partners with Microsoft to Enhance Mobile Security

The cyber security start-up announces an innovative partnership with Microsoft Intune aimed at fortifying protection against cyber-attacks on mobile devices 

Tel Aviv, May 15, 2024 – Assac Networks, a company specializing in cyber solutions for the complete protection of mobile devices from cyberattacks, for government agencies, defense, and commercial organizations, today announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft Intune aimed at strengthening businesses’ mobile security framework. This collaboration is set to revolutionize mobile security, offering advanced protection, and streamlined application management for organizations worldwide.

The partnership between Assac Networks, known for their robust encryption and security measures, and Microsoft Intune aims to enhance the security manageability of mobile communications. By integrating with Microsoft Intune, Assac’s solutions will incorporate Microsoft’s compliance and security management tools, fortifying protection against cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

The partnership allows for the seamless management of Assac Networks’ applications through Microsoft Intune’s platform. This will enable IT administrators to efficiently deploy, update, and manage security policies across mobile devices, ensuring consistency and reliability in the security infrastructure. The alliance streamlines operations, reduces costs, and enhances business agility, benefiting Assac Networks, Microsoft Intune, and their clients.

With decades of experience in smartphone security and tailored encryption solutions, Assac Networks provides all-in-one smartphone security for the security and defense markets. The company serves global customers and is secured with ISO certification and registered patents for its technologies.

Shimon Zigdon, CEO of Assac Networks, said: “We are proud of this partnership which is yet another milestone in Assac’s presence in the international market. The collaboration with a significant company such as Microsoft, represents a major step forward in our mission to provide top-notch managed secure communications solutions, much needed in the enterprise sector. We will continue to innovate and adapt to meet the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.”

Paul Feller, Board Member of ASPIS Cyber Technologies, added, “This partnership highlights Assac’s commitment to strengthening mobile security across diverse sectors. By integrating Assac’s ShieldiT with Microsoft’s robust platform, we are ready to offer ShieldiT to the financial corporate sector and reinforce our dedication to enhancing protection against cyber threats in today’s interconnected world.” 

About Assac Networks

Established in 2011 by seasoned veterans of the Israeli defense and security industries, Assac Networks develops and implements unique end-point security solutions.

The company develops, integrates, and markets network-forensic and security products and solutions in the fields of mobile and landline communication – as well as cyber protection systems for ISPs, mobile carriers, governmental agencies, and commercial organizations. Among its clients are law enforcement and intelligence agencies and large enterprises around the world.

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